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Lectures and Workshops Available


Paranormal Investigator Workshop
First Thursday of every month at Parastudy Just $7.00!

Spirit Communication Workshop
Fourth Thursday of every month at ParastudyJust $7.00!

Other Lectures Available:

Some of the topics she lectures on include:

  • Haunted Delaware County
  • Brandywine Valley Ghosts
  • Philadelphia Ghosts
  • Main Line Haunts
  • Cape May Haunts
  • Spooky Pennsylvania
  • Bucks County Ghosts
    Based on case files from these areas and research for books Laurie has written and contributed to, take a multimedia journey through the history, legends, and paranormal phenomemna of these areas.

    Ghosts and Hauntings: We can lecture on famous, historical, international, or local hauntings depending on the needs and interests of the attendees.
    Paranormal Photographs: Is it possible to photograph a ghost? What is a paranormal photo? Are orbs ghosts? Multimedia presentation offers your audience an exciting assortment of possibly paranormal and definitely spooky photos.
    Spirit Communication: Is it possible? Can people reach the other side with a Ouija Board or a seance or are spirits contacted by pulling out a camera or tape recorder? We share our methods, discuss some of the history, and will offer some of our videos and recordings for you to experience.
    Paranormal Investigations: From starting a group, the equipment needed, and presenting your findings, we can give you an introduction to the ins and outs of starting a group of your own.
    Not Just for October! We can tailor a presentation to fit your group's needs. With photographs, audio and video clips, and lots of history to provide background, we have investigated all over the world. The paranormal always packs in an audience - and not just in October. Contact us to book your lecture now.
    My schedule fills up very quickly, especially around Halloween. Don't miss out on having a unique and quality lecture. Book yours now!

    To schedule Laurie for a lecture or workshop, please call (610) 565-6627 (Mon thru Sat 10am-5pm EST)


with Laurie Hull
Phone: 610-565-6627