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Corporate Events


Laurie offers Psychic, Tarot, Palm, and Past Life Readings.

To schedule Laurie for your corporate event, please call (610) 565-6627 (Mon thru Sat 10am-5pm EST)

Rates and Booking Information
Our rates vary depending on many factors, such as the length of time we'll need to be there, the type of party and how many people will want readings. Readings last about 5 minutes each. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours, but our readers normally work 4 hours. So about 20 guests will get readings in the first two hours and you can have a maximum of 40 guests get their readings from one reader if they work two extra hours. This is assuming your party will last 4 hours and all of those hours are available for readings.
If you have more guests or a limited time frame in which the readings can occur, we can provide multiple readers so that more than one reading can be done at the same time.
Do you need more than one reader? Consider the time frame, the number of guests and see how the math works out. But don't make the assumption that only a few guests will want a reading. Once the first few guests have their readings, all will want them, and some will want more than one. Don't risk disappointing your guests! If you can't decide how many entertainers you need, simply call. We'll be glad to recommend the appropriate number of readers you need.
$90.00 per reader per hour. Minimum 1 hour.

If you have any more questions, please call 610-565-6627-to know that your next party will be a party to remember!
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