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Laurie Hull's Biography


Laurie Hull is a psychic medium who became aware of her abilities at a very young age because she lived in a haunted home in Delaware County, PA. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and enjoys living near so many historic andhaunted places.
Through her attempt to deal with the violent and negative spirit that inhabited her grandmother's home, she developed her psychic abilities. She also began reading every book she could find on the supernatural and the paranormal that she could find. This need for knowledge led her to Parastudy's library, where they had many out of print and hard-to-get titles.

During her time at Parastudy, an organization dedicated to helping others achieve enlightenment, her medium abilities were recognized and she began study with some of the mediums and Tarot readers there.

She bought her first deck of Tarot cards when she was twelve years old and has been reading ever since. In addition to Tarot, she has also studied Palmistry, Astrology, and Past Life reading methods.

When she graduated from High School, she moved to Virgina beach to be closer to the A.R.E, but found that this was not her path and she continued to study on her own. She got married at a young age and had her eldest daughter when she was nineteen years old. She worked at various jobs, doing psychic readings to supplement her income, until she moved back to Pennsylvania in 1990.

The move back to Pennsylvania was precipitated by the death of her paternal grandmother, with whom she was extremely close. Less than a year later, her younger sister died in a tragic accident and her need to communicate with the dead to try and get answers became almost an obsession.

Over the years she tried everything from seances to magic mirrors and Ouija Boards,but found that nothing compared to her own mediumistic abilities for connecting with the other side.

She began to travel to haunted places, communicating with the spirits to try and determine their nature, their purpose, and if there were something she could do to help them.

She continued her studies of the paranormal as she saw interest in it explode around her. Through it all she has mainatined a deep commitment to honesty and integrity in documentation of paranormal events. This led to the formation of a paranormal research group in 1991, which continues to be constantly booked with requests from homeowners and businesses for their help in understanding unexplained events happening at their properties.

The rest is history.  Since 1990, she has been teaching and counseling people all over the world, from The Phillipines to New York City.

Her psychic readings, which she gives to clients on a daily basis help them to realize their true purpose or calling and help them to awaken their own gifts. She was asked to write about some of her experiences and is now hard at work in her fifth solo book.

Today, she is a respected and accurate psychic medium and teaches her methods to others who are seeking answers.

  You can book a reading from Laurie by E-Mailing her and scheduling an appointment.